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Maciej Stanislawski     

Friday, 7th November 2014

Born in Poland (org. title: As Polish, as it was possible…)

During the XXII International Defence Industry Exhibition, on September the 2nd there was a premiere of the new polish motorcycle Falcon. The prototype was shown at the booth of Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne SA – a company, which is a partner of the project called "FALCON reactivation"


For the company called Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne SA in Poznan, the reactivation of "Falcon" was the first
and foremost a form of honor the works of Polish technical thought of the Second Republic Poland...
(Fig. Michael Wieckowski, Prywatne Zakłady Inżynieryjne SA)

You could not remember, but in November 2012 I wrote about the idea of reactivating the Falcon motorcycle:
"(...) During the press conference, organized by the SILVA group in VIP lodges Legia Stadium, came out information that there is a good chance to make authentic Polish reactivation of the legendary motorcycle brand, which is a pre-war Falcon. When writing an "authentic" I mean something more than just sticking a logo on a motorcycle produced by the Asian "tigers". (…) The motorcycle is to be produced in Poland and based on technical assumptions prewar „Falcon” model 1000... "

At that time were only available visualizations (and – for that matter – although interesting is that they are not of the highest ones). This year, however, the company demonstrated ready motorcycle. What else to say – it works!

In WZM SA, on the basis of the technical documentation of the original „Falcon” (pictured), the physical
3D model of the tank was build. That's how began the proper production of the tank prototype,
which is made ​​entirely of aluminum.
(Fig. Max Olech)

What distinguishes the new "Falcon" from other motorcycles built in Poland? That assumption will be mass produced - in this case, it will mean the production level of 30 units per year. Assumption seems to be as realistic as possible, and – to make the whole enterprise profitable. It's enough from a business point of view.

Falcon ad 2014
The motorcycle is obviously not a replica of the legendary model, but refers to him directly - not only through the logo, or wittily and well-chosen abbreviation of the manufacturer name (PZInż, excatly like it was before II World War).

75 years ago on August 17th 1939 the team composed of: engineer Tadeusz Rudawski – on a motorcycle Falcon 200,
PZInż employees – Tadeusz Heryng and Joseph Jakóbowski on two motorcycles Falcon 600, a motorcycle rider Joseph Docha
with a passenger on a motorcycle George Brendler Falcon 600 and the fifth participant – Mieczyslaw Kubiak, a motorcycle Falcon 600, riding threw the footpath (sic!) by Kuznice and Myslenickie Turnie, reached a peak of Kasprowy (elevation 1987 m).
Who walked that way knows what a piece of the driveway it was...


Motorcycle, like its prototype, is equipped with a rigid frame (yes, its design is not hidden any shock rocker and horizontal) with a sprung saddle (which his appearance alludes directly to the classics) and V-engine. The current machine has a capacity of 1300 cm3 it (provided as an alternative unit with a capacity of 1100 cm3) and can grow up to 88 hp (the bike can reach speeds of up to 180 km/h, but it will require more... courage from the riding person). With the engine works a five-gearbox and 18-inch wheels fitted with disc brakes with four-piston calipers.

The motorcycle will be formed in the PZinż „Falcon” in cooperation with the Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne SA. The only foreign part is the engine (American KIWI INDIAN engine, which is – according to some sources – a replica of the engine from 1938, of course, made today on the basis of new technologies).

The heart from the United States, but most native markings :)
(Fig. Michael Wieckowski, Private Markets Engineering SA)

During the drafting of the motorcycle and performing elements of the first prototype instance, the engineering team used the CATIA and NX 3D CAD software. And a PLM solution based on ENOVIA or Teamcenter...

Moment of technical documentation approval in a production framework „Falcon reactivated”.
(Fig. Max Olech)

More about the new bike you can find in the new edition of magazine, available as a PDF and Flash file.
Try to use Google Translator, or find another way to read it:)


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